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Nov 23, 2023

Hey Night Classmates! We have the week off for Thanksgiving so we thought this would be a great time for you to hear the first three episodes of Alec’s new podcast Matchbook Flashback.

In these episodes you’ll hear firsthand stores of unusual phenomena like UFOs, Near Death Experiences, and yes, Dogman!

If you like it, give Matchbook Flashback a follow on Spotify or wherever you listen to pods.

By the time you’re hearing this, there will be a Thanksgiving Sasquatch encounter on the Matchbook Flashback feed. So if you’re hungry for more, you know where to go!


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Episode 1: A financial broker encounters a UFO on his way to choir practice in the early 80s.

Episode 2:  A group of 14-year-olds encounter a cryptid while digging an underground clubhouse in 1983.

Episode 3: Two Near Death Experiences. The first one is Kat's Aunt, the second is Alec's Aunt. It's an Aunt epiosde!


If you have an unusual story you'd like to share on the show, please email

Created by Alec Ogg

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