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Aug 31, 2023

Hayley covers a deadly conflict between two Appalachian families. Kat follows it up with something cute, fun, and light hearted: the history of hair dye.

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Hatfield-McCoy Feud Sources:–McCoy_feud

Aug 26, 2023

Kat covers was a German youth who claimed to have grown up in the total isolation of a darkened cell and Hayley covers the outbreak of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy also known as "mad cow disease" and its human equivalent variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.

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Mad Cow Disease Sources: 

Aug 17, 2023

Hayley covers the bandit who could never be captured alive and Kat presents a treasure hunting mystery from the deserts of New Mexico.


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Elmer McCurdy Sources:

Aug 10, 2023

Kat covers an animal that was instrumental in two world wars: the carrier pigeon. Hayley follows it up with a lesson on some spooky stains that happened in the spooky little town of Bélmez, Spain.


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Bélmez Faces Sources:

Mayer, Gerhard. (2019). The Bélmez Faces: An Investigation of a...

Aug 3, 2023

Hayley is back in her natural habitat as a list bitch. Delivering a list of syndromes named after cities. And Kat gives a highly topical and highly pink lesson on Barbie and her many controversies.

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City Syndromes Sources: