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Jun 29, 2023

Kat covers a mysterious and DEADLY disease nicknamed the laughing death. (No, it is not about being tickled.) Then Hayley has a PRIDE lesson for us! She'll be teaching us about a wrongfully demonized patient of the AIDS epidemic.

Gaétan Dugas Sources:

Jun 22, 2023

Would you pay $10 for a skull reading? Hayley introduces us to the Buzzfeed personality test of the Victorian Era: phrenology! Hopefully your organ of murder isn’t too bulgy. Then, Kat tells the incredible life story of Karl M. Baer. An intersex man who underwent the world’s first gender affirming surgery, all while...

Jun 8, 2023

Hayley covers the queen of abstract art, and communicating with the spirit realm, Hilma af Klint. Hilma kept her art secret for decades believing the world wasn’t ready. We are glad she is finally getting the credit she deserves! Then, if you don’t already have taphophobia, you definitely will after Kat’s lesson....

Jun 1, 2023

Kat takes us into the dazzling world of vaudeville as we uncover the story of the Cherry Sisters. Their eccentric performances exist at the intersection of people who throw things at performers and those who punch walls. Next, Hayley tells the story of the Oversteegn sisters, fearless resistance fighters during World...