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Oct 27, 2022

Hayley covers the creepy phenomena of double-walkers or spirit twins, otherwise known as Doppelgängers! Did Émilie Sagée really have one? Then Kat follows it up by covering the true crime murder of Isidore Fink in 1930s New York. A real-life locked-room mystery!


Oct 20, 2022

Kat’s ready to convert you to the ‘dog side’ with a lesson on Dog Man. Is Dog Man sexy or scary? Listen and find out! Then, Hayley takes us on a tour of the Kaimuki House where a demonic cat stalks the halls and uses corpses as puppets. 

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Dogman caught on Facebook Live (Encounter happens between...

Oct 13, 2022

You will never look at Build-A-Bear the same after hearing Hayley’s harrowing tale of Anatoly Moskvin, self-proclaimed necropolyst, who “collected” vintage “dolls.” It’s worse than it sounds and we’re sorry.  Next, Kat breaks down some pros and cons (mostly cons) of being a werewolf. As if having to strip...

Oct 6, 2022

It’s officially the Halloween season and we are not going to let you forget it! Kat starts out with a paranormal classic: The Bell Witch. The Bell Witch is considered a compelling case for the existence of the paranormal as it ends in a real-life murder. And honestly, we might be team witch. Then, Hayley explains...