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Jan 21, 2023

List Bitches ASSEMBLE! Kat and Hayley are sharing this List Bitch episode usually exclusive to Patreon subscribers.

Share this episode with your friends who need convincing before they commit the cost of a Bluth frozen banana for HOURS of laughter and parasocial entertainment. 

There are currently FIFTY-THREE other Patreon exclusive episodes.

"Golly Mom, that's like an entire YEAR of Night Classy!" "Yes, it is son."

Get 'em while they're hot at

In this episode, Hayley does a listicle on the coolest scientific discoveries in 2022 and Kat covers a list of Celebrity Ghost Experiences. Honorable mention: Alec reads a list of Gatorade flavors from worst to best.

Gatorade: Worst to Best

Picture of Baby Mammoth

Picture of Footprints

Cave Art Example

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