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Sep 8, 2022

Content warning: This episode contians. references to sexual assault, pedophilia, CP, and mental illness like depression and suicide. 

This week, Hayley covers the case of David Reimer. Anonymously known in the medical community for years as the "John/Joan case," after his parents sought medical expertise for an irregularity while urinating. This resulted in over a decade of experimentation and abuse. David broke his silence in 1997 in hopes of preventing his experience from happening to anyone else. Next, Kat passes the vibe check with a lesson on a "swfit and deadly killer, who left behind a trail of blood." The Champawat Man-eater paralyzed villagers in fear for SEVEN YEARS. She could not be beat! Personally, we would use all the sick days to NOT try and find/fight this tiger, but it's a good thing there are Jim Corbits in this world.

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